My First 2003 Miracle Foal Has Arrived!!!!
Father: Page Bull Parker
16 Hand Dunalino AQHA, IBHA Stallion
Mother: Makelsie
15.1 Hand Sorrel AQHA Mare
(shown here when she was younger with her first foal)
And Here He Is!!!

A Gorgeous Red Dun Colt born March 6th at about 5:00 PM
He's gonna be a big boy like his Daddy!!!  He is only 30 minutes old in these first pics and not fully dried off yet.
Why do I say Miracle Foal??

Last Spring - I did something I usually do not do.  I started to breed for this years foals a month earlier than I usually do.  Why?  Don't really know.

Then in Mid April - Page Bull Parker's semen was tested (routine testing because he was supposed to have his semen shipped to breed an out of state mare).  But he came up sterile on the testings.  I was devastated - along with his owner Sharon Hass.

I had already bred a few mares to him that year - and before sending them off to other stallions - I wanted them pregnancy tested.  The vet felt this was unnecessary - after all - PB was sterile.  It was a waste of time.  (This idiotic decision by the vet cost me alot of time and mare care later on - sending bred mares off to get bred - and leaving mares at Hass's to be bred to their son of PB - The Golden Bull, who of course never came back into heat.)

Needless to say - I finally had my way - and had the mares that would not come back into heat - pregnancy tested. 

Makelsie was one of these mares.  Much to our joy - Kelsie was confirmed IN FOAL!!  This is a very special foal for us.  Kelsie is now almost completely blind due to Moonblindness -but she will make an excellant mother, just like she has in the past.

There are 3 other mares that were also eventually confirmed in foal to Page Bull Parker.  One of them remained in foal despite repeated Lutalyse shots to bring her into heat at a breeding farm.  This mare was vet checked at the breeding farm first of course, but the pregnancy was not at first detected.   Another was at first declared open as well - but proved the vet wrong again by later showing up bred.  And the final PB Foal for us this year will be out of a mare they used to collect semen from Page Bull off of for his testing!!! 

They are all due now or soon!  Watch for their pages as they are born!!

Here are the proud parents of our first 2003 foal!!
I will post more pics later.  Baby is doing well.  He is a very intelligent little man.  He has already walked around and nursed - and is taking a nap.  It is now time for him and his mother to be left alone to bond.  This is especially important for this foal - as his mother is blind and must learn all about him by scent and touch.
The front pics of his face show his lower face mask and eye liner - but it makes his nose look big  LOL  So  I have included side shots of this chiseled little head to show he is gonna have the cutest baby doll head and a tiny little nose!!!