Jonah is by Investment By Choice, who is by Investers Choice (Superior WP with 77pts) - a son of The Invester (AQHA CH, NSBA Hall of Fame).  Investment By Choice is out of Tynamite (Superior WP mare with 280 pts) who is a granddaughter of Scooter Reynolds (AQHA CH & Superior pleasure).  Investment By Choice himself has Superiors in Open and Amatuer WP. 

As a producer, Investment By Choice sired:
AQHA offspring stats:
3091 points earned; 35 ROMs;14 Superior Awards; 1 World Champion; 2 QH Congress Champions;2 QH Congress Res. Champions; 1 Youth AQHA Champion;1 Youth all around hi-point winner;2 Honor Roll Champions;1 AQHA Youth Performance Champion
APHA offspring stats:
1947 points earned;29 ROMs;8 Superior Awards;6 World Champions;4 Res. World Champions;1 Honor Roll all age hunter under saddle horse;1 Honor Roll all age western pleasure horse

Like I said on the home page - Investment By Choice kind of speaks for himself.  :-)

On to Jonah's mother - Geo's Smile.  

Gia is the mother of:
Chocolate Magnolia - Amateur & Youth AQHA pts
Stel Got The Touch - Open & Amatuer AQHA pts.  Amateur Superior Hunter
UnderSaddle;Open ROM;Amatuer ROM;IF and NSBA  money earner;
Over 100 AQHA points (as of 2002 - probably more since then)
A Stellar Performer -  Open AQHA pts;IF and NSBA money earner
Stellagant - Amatuer AQHA pt earner
Huntin An Investment - AQHA Open Performance ROM - points in Hunter Under
Saddle and Hunter Hack

Jonah is 17 hands and solid built with good conformation.  He has the disposition of a gelding and a heart of Gold. He earned his Open Performance ROM with points in Hunter Under Saddle and Hunter Hack with very limited showing.  He also was 2007 Champion Open Performance Halter Stallion, Reserve Champion WQHA Aged Halter Stallion and Reserve Champion Jr Hunter Hack.
In 2008 he was switched to a different trainer and rider.  He did amazingly well, you can see how he did,if you click here!!

His first foals are on the ground and looking great! 
Go to the 2007 foals page to see his first foals!
He also had foals in 2008, click here to see them.
In 2009, due to the economic situation we did not have any foals.
For 2010, we had 1 foal, click here to see him.

2016 Stud Fee:
$650 LFG - Live Cover
Mare Care: $6/day Dry & $8/day Wet
$700 LFG - AI or Shipped Semen
All vet fees and shipping costs are extra
Multiple Mare and Outstanding Show Mare
Discounts Available - Just Ask!

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Jonah's NEWPHA Show Record 2008
Here are his class results by class/show:

Registered Stallions (Halter)
NEWAPHC - 3rd out of 5
Branch - 1st out of 4 (Becky)
Shawano - 1st out of 3 (Becky)
Open JDG1 - 3rd out of 7 (Becky)
Open JDG2 - 5th out of 7 (Becky)

18 & Over Showmanship (Becky)
Branch - 3rd out of 8

Hunter Hack
NEWAPHC - 2nd out of 7
Branch - 5th out of 8
Shawano - 1st out of 8
Open JDG1 - 5th out of 5
Open JDG2 - 5th out of 5

Open English Walk Trot
NEWAPHC - 3rd out of 33
Branch - 5th out of 22
Shawano - 1st out of 25
Open JDG1 - 2nd out of 26
Open JDG2 - 1st out of 26

18 & Over HUS
Branch - 3rd out of 7
Shawano - 1st out of 8
Open JDG2 - 1st out of 8

Open Western Walk Trot
Branch - 5th out of 13
Open JDG1 - 2nd out of 20
Open JDG2 -  4th out of 20

18 & Over Western Pleasure
Branch - 2nd out of 4
Shawano - 1st out of 8
Open JDG1 - 2nd out of 9
Open JDG2 - 1st out of 9

18 & Over Western Horsemanship (only shown in this class at Shawano & Open Show)
Shawano, Open JDG1 and Open JDG2 - 1st out of 6

His 2008 NEWPHA Circuit results:(all with only attending 4 out of the 5 shows):
2008 Super Horse
2nd in Registered Stallions At Halter
3rd in HUS 18 & Over
1st in Open English Walk Trot
2nd in Western Pleasure 18 & Over
1st in Western Horsemanship 18 & Over
2nd for the All-Around by less than 10 points.

He was also tied for third in Open Western Walk-Trot but lost the tie breaker (# of horses beat).  He ended 4th in Hunter Hack (but no awards are given for 4th).

Pictures of Huntin An Investment: