LBM Quarter Horses Proudly Presents Our 2007 Foals
Investment N Writing   *Eve*
Bay  Appendix AQHA Filly born 3-14-07
Huntin An Investment x She's A Bargain ( by All She Wrote)
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Investments R Golden  *Jordan*
Palomino  AQHA Gelding born 2-25-07
Huntin An Investment x Arrayabull

Art Of Investing   *Adam*
Sorrel Appendix AQHA Gelding born 4-7-07
Huntin An Investment x Art of Gold (TB)
Tis All About Me  *Ciara*
Palomino  Appendix AQHA Filly born 3/23/07
Tis Bull x Ima Lil Deacon

Our Royal Investment  *Bathsheba*
Bay Dun  Appendix AQHA Filly born 3-27-07
Huntin An Investment x  All Dun N Writing
RU Ready To Invest   *Daniel*
Bay Appendix  AQHA Gelding born 4-11-07
Huntin An Investment x Sheza Scottish Bull

Walkin R Investment  *Goliath*
Bay Appendix  AQHA Gelding born 4-19-07
Huntin An Investment x Cake Walkin'
SOLD!!  Congrats Alyssa!! 
Invest N Blue Gold *David*
Buckskin  AQHA Stallion born 4-22-07
Huntin An Investment x Lovabull Blues
HuntinForSomeChaCha  *Samson*
Bay Appendix  AQHA Gelding born 4-24-07
Huntin An Investment x Cha Cha Clipper
SOLD!!  Congrats Sandy Myatt of Alaska! 
The Ebony Investment  *Micah*
Bay Appendix  AQHA Gelding born 4-26-07
Huntin An Investment x Through The Mist
Hesa Fine Investment   *Chance*
Bay Appendix  AQHA Gelding born 4-26-07
Menominee Wind x A Fine Choice (by Investment by  Choice)
ShezaCoolInvestment *Chloe*
Chestnut Appendix  AQHA Filly born 5-12-07
Huntin An Investment x Tis Cool (by The Coolest of All)
ShesHuntinToImpress  *Hali*
Bay  AQHA Filly born 5-6-07
Huntin An Investment x Swifty Nifty Annie *Jewel*
InvestmentToTheStars  *Eden*
Chestnut AQHA Filly born 5-14-07
Huntin An Investment x Parkers Moon N Stars

Huntin To Impress *Seth*
Chestnut Appendix AQHA Gelding born 5-19-07
Huntin An Investment x Impresed By Pegasus

Invested In Bonanza   *Joshua*
Bay Appendix AQHA Gelding born 5-31-07
Huntin An Investment x Tontos Rebel Gal (Bonanza x Rebel Cause)
Huntin For Some Fun *Veronica*
Dark Bay Appendix AQHA Filly born 6-5-07
Huntin An Investment x Vadavicka (TB)
Ms Investment Parker   *Jesse*
Bay Appendix AQHA Filly born 6-10-07
Huntin An Investment x Undeniabully Chessie (by Page Bull Parker)

Im Justifiabully Dun  *Dante*
Buckskin Dun Appendix AQHA Colt born 5-11-07
Skellified x Parkers Prima Donna (by Page Bull Parker)
Diversified Future  *Dawn*
Red Dun Appendix AQHA Filly born 5-11-07
Skellified x Scottishs Future (by St Scottish)
We have unedited video clips available of these foals.  Some are uploaded to  and for you to view if you have a dsl or high speed connection.  If there is one you want to see that is not up there, let us know.   For those on dial-up  who are seriously interested in one or more of these fine foals but can't view the video clips on esnips or youtube, just email us and we can put the clips on a CD-ROM and send it to you. 
Tisa Boston Sunshine  *Topaz*
Palomino Dun Appendix AQHA Colt born 11-11-07
Tis Bull x Makelsie (Mr XL Mac by Boston Mac)
When watching this video, just a note.  Her friends are in the trailer in front of the building and that is why she keeps trying to get to the double gates.